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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Minneapolis journal., September 04, 1905, Page 3, Image 3Where can you find a corset for 49 cents and a 3/4 length mink coat for $110?

During the past few weeks I have found myself spending more and more time on the Chronicling America website. Looking at old newspapers often leads to fun discoveries.   This ad from the Minneapolis Journal, September 4, 1905 by the Evans, Johnson, Sloane Company offers a sale "that has never had an equal". The interactive features of Chronicling America let you zoom into a specific paragraph to read text or print the image.

NEW on TPS EIU!!   Top Topics - We often research topics for presentations and hate to waste those folders of bookmarks on our computers, so we are sharing them with you! This is an eclectic, no-frills collection of topics and links.  

Podcast The March 31 TechTalk4Teachers shares conversation between Cindy and Tom about new and old as we discuss the Titanic and Civil War.  We talk about new research and information being discovered like the recent identification of a soldier in a civil war photograph and James Cameron's research on the ocean floor and where to find historic documents and images.  Check it out!  http://techtalk4teachers.blogspot.com/

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