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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A new title for an old pal...

Although this blog isn't officially published yet I am posting for the archives when we go live. :)
It suddenly clicked with Melissa and myself that our newsletter wasn't a newsletter at all.  Our goal is that it be a source of information and (hopefully) inspiration for incorporating Library of Congress resources into the classroom. So during our annual "renovation" of this publication we lovingly gave it a new name ...drum roll please.....THE SOURCE. (sound vaguely familiar?)

New issues will be published each month starting with Military Medicine. From this link you can visit the html version or download and print a pdf of the full version or text only for those trying to cut printing costs.  

Military Medicine is a fascinating topic that crosses discipline boarders by blending history with science, geography, politics, women's history, health and more.  The harsh images and statistics may be the hook to attract some students, but changes in medical practices and care of wounded soldiers will keep learners engaged and longing to learn more.  Of course, the Library of Congress provides primary sources and resources spanning centuries and miles.
~~ Cindy

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