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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TPS EIU is reaching out...

Remember... TPS EIU is here for YOU!  In an attempt to stay in touch with busy educators we will continue to develop our website, present and provide workshops at schools.  We are also trying our hand at some new tools.

  • www.eiu.edu/eiutps - between 09/24/11 and 10/24/11 our site averaged 528 pageviews and 289 unique visitors EACH DAY!  Our first thought was "cool" which then turned to "oh my gosh, we need to step up our game!"  This motivates us to keep content fresh and provide educators with tools they need.
  • Blog - since you are already here we hope that you will subscribe and news will be sent to your RSS feed or email.  You can do this using the tools on the right side of this page.
  • The Source - previously called our newsletter, this publication will continue to have a central theme and showcase resources and ideas for your classroom.  What do you really know about MONUMENTS?  Take a look at the newest issue and you might be surprised and learn something new.
  • TechTalk4Teachers Podcast - Dr. Tom Grissom (EIU ITC) has graciously allowed us to record a brief "guest segment" within his monthly podcast and discuss classroom applications of Library of Congress primary sources.  Check them out!
  • Conferences and Presentations - (okay, this isn't new)  We love the opportunity to introduce Teaching with Primary Sources to new audiences and will post information about presentations we give.

Have a wonderful week and keep making history!

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