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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Heartfelt Thank You to Veterans

I'm humbled when speaking to veterans who sacrificed to serve our country.  It never crossed my mind to postpone school, time with family or friends and comforts of home to join the military.  I have an enormous amount of respect and gratitude for the men and women who did and still do.  I  know families with loved ones that returned scarred inside and/or out.  I know families that have folded flags.  As a mother I ache for them.  I feel that the only thing I deserve is to say "thank you".

As educators we try to share information with students that helps them understand that military actions across time and place are more than simply names and dates to memorize.  Primary sources of veterans are priceless tools to empower student learning through personal, diverse and unique perspectives.  Many teachers use the Library of Congress Veterans History Project for resources.  You want to bookmark this site for artifacts and interviews provided by veterans.  Learn how to develop a project in your community.  My favorite part? The stories of Experiencing War (yellow circle on image) are amazing.  NOTE: Scroll to the bottom of the page for 40+ amazing categories such as Life Altering Moments, Buddies or Military Intel: In Harm's Way.

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