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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a new edition of The Source on Population

Lincoln Thanksgiving Proclamation, Oct. 3, 1863 (images 735-736)

Happy Thanksgiving

The document to the left is a copy of Lincoln Thanksgiving Proclamation, Oct. 3, 1863 (images 735-736).  
Remember that you can find a Thanksgiving Primary Source Set on the Library of CongressTeachers Page.  These sets of include select primary sources on specific topics, available as easy-to-print PDFs. Also, background information, teaching ideas, and tools to guide student analysis.

Immigration Screen
Population is the theme of the November 2011 edition of The SourcePrimary sources are a wonderful tool to encourage students to explore the changes in our country and the world.  Atlases, census documents and resources from communities offer a unique glimpse into day to day life and the information gathered at that time.  If you are an alumni of TPS EIU you know that the Immigration special presentation from the Teachers Page is one of my favorites.  The message offered when you click the globe for each ethnic population is powerful as we watch the dots appear at ports of entry and then see the Native American's diminishing lands. 

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday and make new family memories for YOUR primary source collection.

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